Puppy Sales Agreement

1. Buyer/Seller: The purpose of this sales contract is to set forth the rights and responsibilities between Jennifer Naylor, seller, of the Olde English Bulldogge puppy described below, and the buyer. The seller is the legal owner of the dog until the full purchase price has been received and the dog is picked up by the agreed date. The buyer is:

Name: _______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________

2. Dog being sold is a male [ ] female [ ]  Olde English Bulldogge puppy with [  ] or without [  ] full breeding rights, born on ____________________ hereafter referred to as “puppy”. The puppy will have a temporary puppy registration with the International Olde English Bulldogge Association. Temporary registration certificate will be provided within 30 days of purchase if not available at the time of sale. Registration name will include the preface of “Golden Arrow’s”. 

The puppy is a product of the following dogs:



3. Purchase price: The full purchase price of the puppy is $____________. A deposit of $________ is being made to reserve the puppy and will not be refunded in the case that the sale is not completed. The full purchase amount will be paid prior to pick up/delivery of the puppy. The pick up date is on ______________ and if not completed within 7 days the sale will be void and deposit non-refundable.

4. Health policy: 

Seller responsibilities: The puppy will be provide with a certified veterinary inspection. Seller guarantees the puppy will free of illness on delivery. If the puppy becomes ill prior to completion of the sale, a veterinarian evaluation will be done, and the pick up date will be adjusted according to the instructions of the veterinarian of the seller. Puppy will be treated with routine de-worming and age-appropriate vaccinations prior to delivery. Puppy will be started on heart-worm preventative prior to delivery.

Buyer responsibilities: Buyer must have new puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian with 72 hours of delivery. Puppy may be returned for a replacement puppy if available or full refund if inspected by Veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery and found to have a major defect of health organ, system, or serious infectious disease as determined and documented by a licensed veterinarian. Buyer agrees to maintain a minimum of annual veterinary evaluation,  and heart-worm test biannually (if appropriate for geographical area) and to provide microchip placement by six months of age.  

5. Delivery Return/Trasfer policy: Seller agrees to deliver the puppy no sooner than 8 weeks of age and prior to 12 weeks of age as agreed between buyer and seller. If the puppy is older than 12 weeks at time of purchase agreement, the delivery will occur within 7 days or the sale will be forfeited and refund non-refunded. Seller agrees at any time to accept return of the puppy/dog if mature at any time buyer is unable or unwilling and such return would include the return of the IOEBA ownership registration including transfer of ownership back to the seller. Seller agrees to provide care and housing and re-homing of the puppy/dog after it is returned. At no time shall the buyer relinquish the dog to a shelter or rescue unless under emergency circumstances and shall include instructions to relinquish the puppy/dog to the seller or seller’s designee. The understanding is that the buyer is purchasing is a high-quality pet and shall not contribute to the problem of over-populated dog shelters by maintaining a plan of return such that health or home prevents continued ownership. Prior to transfer to another owner the seller shall be informed of the name, phone number, and address of the new owner, Puppy shall not be sold to any breeder who houses dogs outdoors. 

6 Registration/ Breeding Rights policy. Puppy will come with temporary IEOBA registration. Puppy will have breeding rights as determined by the seller and will be clearly understood by the buyer as listed at the top of the contract. The seller does not guarantee any physical qualities of the puppy as it reaches maturity. A puppy with full breeding rights should be free of major faults according to the IOEBA breed standard when evaluated prior to breeding. The buyer agrees to provide surgical sterilization of pet-only puppy without breeding rights between 12-24 months of age. Breeding a pet-only dog will constitute a breech of contract and buyer may be liable for damages of $2000. 

7. Temperament/Training: This puppy has been found to have sound temperament prior to purchase. The buyer agrees to provide proper socialization and behavior training including toilet training, bite inhibition, and leash-walking. If the buyer is a first-time dog owner then obedience training classes or 3-6 sessions are suggested as Bulldogge breeds can be stubborn and bad behaviors tarnish the reputation of the breed. Seller recommends crate training or usage to prevent injury to the puppy and significant damage to buyer property. Buyer shall provided adequate exercise, toys or objects to provide chewing exercise and teething relief. Puppy shall be monitored and supervised closely around children under five years of age to avoid accidental injury. 

8. Health/condition reports. Buyer agrees to provide seller with a photo and written update on general health, temperament and condition at 6, 12, and 18 months of age and to immediately notify seller of any serious health problem that develops in the puppy. The update may be delivered by email or mail in writing.